Pura Vida - Costa Rica

The slogan of Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” and that is quite possibly the best way to describe my (too) short 10 day experience in the land of “los ticos” this past January.

Pure life. Life. All types of life were everywhere. Nature. People. Food. Wildlife. Although a small country, Costa Rica, as well as the NRCSA schools, appeal to all walks of life in a very pure and natural way.

Everywhere I went, I met and interacted with locals, tourists, expats, and students of all ages. The age group of travelers, which most caught my eye, was the “baby boomers.”

Now, I am a 26-year-old relatively in-shape woman and hiking Manuel Antonio was at times a little rough for me but we saw countless mature adults strutting away up the trails to get the best views they could of the breathtaking coast and monkey-filled trees.

It was truly inspiring. I found myself saying, “I want to be like that when I am that age,” quite a bit while we were there.

Beyond the variety of travelers, Costa Rica holds a vast amount of different landscapes and climates. With this comes different sub-cultures, towns, and thus NRCSA language schools.

Whether you are interested in busy city life, relaxed mountain towns, adventure trips in the rainforest, volunteering options, or surfer beaches, NRCSA has a school for you in Costa Rica.

At the end of the “NRCSA Road Trip,” as I like to call it, I reflected with my colleagues at NRCSA and would always come back to the word “variety.” Much to my surprise and liking, I came home feeling confident in sending just about anyone to one of our schools in Costa Rica. The “pure and natural” choice for them.

To take a look at some of the snapshots I took while in Costa Rica, follow this link to my Facebook page, select albums and then “Pura Vida” and “Con gusto” are the photos I took in Costa Rica. Let the excitement and trip planning build:


If you have any questions about my travels, the NRCSA schools, or anything about “la pura vida,” email me, Kelly, at study@nrcsa.com